At our Centre, we want to meet and exceed any expectations when it comes to early childhood education and care in South East Queensland.
We know how important the growing years are for a child. We have built our facilities to have everything a child could need to develop their motor skills, creativity and independence. With our caring, passionate educators there to guide them, we want every child to have the very best start in life.
It’s our philosophy, that with the right guidance from our educators and programs, targeted at developing their skills, every child can flourish to their full potential.
We encourage parents to be as involved in their child’s progress as they like. Each day, you’ll receive a report or daily journal detailing what your child experienced during their day and how they’re developing. If you’re ever concerned about your child, we’re always here to listen and accommodate, where possible.
At our Kingaroy early childhood learning centres, children experience the same kick-start to their education journey.