age groups

At Kingaroy Early Learning Centre, we have developed rooms with the specific needs of each age group in mind. Caring for children from 6 weeks to school age, we provide a safe and educational environment for your child to explore their naturally inquisitive nature.
Visit our enrolment page for enquiries on placement for your child at one of our welcoming long day care centres. We welcome parents to come and view our learning spaces. Contact our front office to request a visit.


6 weeks to 2 years

The nursery provides a comfortable, homely space for up to 8 children and 2 qualified educators. By creating a home-like environment and following the routine of each child, we can help provide a stable, consistent environment for young children. A routine is important for helping your child to develop confidence and sense of security.

The nursery learning spaces contain:


2 to 3 years

The toddler learning space is the perfect learning environment for up to 15 toddlers with 3 qualified educators. Children are encouraged to participate in activities such as construction, art, dramatic play, reading and puzzles, utilising the resources at-hand to develop their imagination and problem-solving skills.
The toddler learning spaces contain:


3 to 4 years

The preschool has a similar set-up to the toddler areas, with the added resources for further learning, such as a writing area. Children are engaged in learning activities as well as day-today playtime.

The preschool learning spaces contain:


4 to 5 years

The kindy/senior preschool is equipped to help prepare children for school transition. Led by a fully qualified early childhood teacher, we focus on pre-literary and numeracy skills. Our teachers value the process of exploring children’s ideas, theories, questions and opinions. These kinds of interactions provide positive disposition towards learning.
The wallaby room contains:


The emu room is home to our before, after and vacation care children from local primary schools. Our educators implement the “My Time, Our
Place” framework, where children are given the opportunity to develop their skills and maximise their potential. 

Afternoon tea is also provided.